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This classified section is for club members and family members of a silent key. All posts to this section, upon completion of the ad, will need to first be approved by a site admin before it appears. We will get notified by email once you have created an ad. Please allow us some time to approve the ad. The only ads that will be approved are of items and equipment that is related to amateur radio and must be appropriate to audiences of all ages.

Before you can post

  • Before you can post you must have credentials to log into the website. Please follow link below to have an account created. This is for club members and family of silent keys. The site admin has full discretion whether an account is created for you or not and reserves the right to remove any users (or ads) for any reason they feel necessary.

Required in posts

  • Email address or phone number (preferably both) People need to know how to contact you if you actually want to sell the item.
  • Pictures of the item(s)
  • Your name and callsign.
  • Price
  • Location (Please include in description)
  • Description of items and condition they are in. All known defects need to be included.


Hi, You need to be a registered user to post Ads in this website. Please use the form below to login or click the link to register.

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