WARC operates two repeaters located in Wooster, Ohio and provide coverage to much of Wayne County.

W8WOO 147.210 MHz Analog Repeater

Frequency – 147.210 MHz +0.600 MHz offset
PL/CTCSS Tone – 88.5 Hz In and Out
Allstar Node # – 50702 ( Status | Connections )

W8WOO’s 2m machine is a Kenwood NXR1700 driving a Crescend P10 100 watt amplifier with an S-Com 7330 controller. A Raspberry Pi running HamVOIP Allstar is attached to the controller to provide Allstar linking as well as allow remote programming of the Scom controller. The amplifier puts out 100 watts into the duplexer.

Parrot mode

The W8WOO 147.210 2m machine has a parrot mode. This will allow you to make a short transmission into the machine and it will repeat back your audio. This can be helpful if you are wondering how you sound, if you’re too loud or too quiet.

To use parrot mode, simply hold your PTT, enter *85 on your DTMF pad, then make a short transmission (all while holding the PTT). Once you unkey the PTT it will repeat your audio back to you. There is a time limit to this, so do not give a 5-minute transmission.

W8WOO 443.175 MHz Multi-Mode Digital

Frequency – 443.175 MHz +5 MHz offset
Supported Modes – DMR, System Fusion/C4FM, D-STAR
Status Dashboard

DMR – Color Code 1. Connected to the BrandMeister Network. TS1 reserved exclusively for TG311070 (hotspots connect to 311070 for repeater communications). TS2 has various static and dynamic links.
YSF – No DG-ID; no default linking
D-STAR – W8WOO__B / W8WOO__G; no default reflector

W8WOO’s 70cm machine is a modified Yaesu DR-1X at 25W with a Raspberry Pi and a Repeater Builder STM32-DVM modem board running Pi-STAR.

Multi-mode Repeater Considerations

Multi-mode repeaters are a shared resource. It can only be used for one digital mode at a time: dmr, ysf, or dstar. It is extremely important that if you connect the repeater to a room or talk group, that you disconnect the repeater from it when you are finished. PLEASE DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE REPEATER AND LEAVE IT CONNECTED TO SOMETHING LIKE THE AMERICA LINK. A busy room like America link will not disconnect itself from our repeater. It listens for any traffic, whether that is local rf or traffic coming in from the network

Disconnecting your radio from wires x does not disconnect the repeater from the room. For YSF, push and hold the “BAND” button for about one second while connected to wires x. For disconnecting DSTAR you can key up with _ _ _ _ _ _ _U in the UR Call field. DMR can be unlinked by briefly keying up on talk group 4000.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us and someone will help you with disconnecting.

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