Wayne Amateur Radio Club


Time (EST/ED)RepeaterNameInformation
Monday8:00pmW8WOO 443.175+ DMR TS1 TG311070BOLO NetThe “Be On the LookOut” net by Wayne Co. ARES. This is a testing and training net for net operations and DMR familiarization to support ARES work. All hams are welcome.
Wednesday9:00pmW8WOO 147.21+ PL88.5WARC Club NetWARC Club Net. All amateurs are welcome.
Monday – Saturday7:00am – 8:30amW8WKY 147.39+ PL114.8
W8WOO 147.21+ PL88.5
Barometer NetThe Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association’s signature net. W8WOO is linked to the net for the duration.
Thursday6:30pmWB8VPG 147.345+ PL110.9WARC DX Club Net