WARC Announcements List

WARC maintains an email list for announcements to club members. These emails will consist of events, meetings and other items of interest. New member emails will be added when the member joins our club. If you are unsure if you’re on the list then contact us and we will add your email to the list. Some email providers like to send these emails to spam. Check your spam folder first to see if they are going there. If they are, you will need to set a filter to not send any emails from w8woo.org to your spam folder. Instructions to do this can be found online.

If you have checked your spam folder and you are sure you are not receiving the emails, you can send an email to list-owners at w8woo.org and we will look into it.

Manage your options or Unsubscribe

Below you can change your user options, subscribe or unsubscribe. If you have not created an account yet, create an account with your email that is on WARC announce. From there you will be able to edit your account settings.

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