Leadership at WARC is always looking for ideas and suggestions for presentations after our club monthly meetings. Please fill out the form below to give a suggestion for presentations. This could be any topic you would like to see, a particular person you would like to see a presentation from, or even a presentation you are willing to do for the club. Presentations are what make the club meetings much more enjoyable, so any input or participation is very much appreciated.

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Presentations In The Works

Jason N8EIRF safety calculations for FCC complianceTBD
Ed FongEd Fong antennasTBD
Doug KE8JNHEmergency Comm. and EquipmentTBD
Jerry KC8HDPSkywarnTBD
Doug KE8JNHProject Lifesaver02/09/23

Past Presentations

These are some presentations that have been done previously. If you would like to see one of these presentations again, let us know!

  • Fox hunting – KE8LVA
  • FlightAware – KN8WDK

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