FCC RF Exposure Evaluation

As of May 3, 2021, the updated FCC RF exposure evaluation rules go into effect. Starting May 3, 2023 we are required to comply with the new rule. A change made to a current station between now and May 3, 2023 also requires an RF exposure evaluation. This rule change does not change the permitted exposure limits, but removes the previous exemptions for amateur radio.

Previously, if you were running a 100 watt HF station, you fell under the exemption. You may have already performed this evaluation for your VHF station. Previously for VHF, 50 watts PEP at the antenna required an RF exposure evaluation. You now have to run the same evaluation for all of your transmitters, regardless of power.

If you have never performed this evaluation before, the ARRL has published a calculator to help. On their site there is also much more information to explain the rule change and help with understanding it. Below is a link to the calculator. Wayne Amateur Radio Club is always willing to help if you don’t understand the FCC RF exposure evaluation. Don’t be afraid to ask, the club is here to help!

RF Exposure Calculator

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