Ohio VHF+ simplex contest

The Ohio Section ARRL puts on the Ohio VHF+ simplex contest every year. The contest is designed to encourage amateur radio operators to operate FM simplex. This will simulate repeater-less emergency communications and operators will learn the capabilities of their stations

You can operate in this contest about any way you have available to you. You can operate from your home fixed location, from an EOC, portable, or as a rover.

Mike N8CEY, a member of WARC, had the top score and top Rover score in 2021 with a total of 10,973 points.

The contest is on January 8th 2022 from 10am to 4pm.

There will be 4 radios available to operate at the Comm Center provided by WARC. 6 m, 2 m, 1.25 m and 70cm. We could use some operators to run the radios so if you don’t have somewhere to operate from the Comm center is a great option for you. If you do have somewhere to operate from and want to stop by and visit or operate, come on by.

The above link will bring you to the rules and information about the contest. If you have any other question about the Ohio VHF+ simplex contest, you can also contact us.

Power Point Recap Of Ohio VHF+ simplex contest

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