W8UA Antenna Modeling

Javan Miller W8UA, will be joining us over zoom for our February meeting. He will be doing a presentation on using MMANA antenna modeling software to model antenna designs.

Javan was first licensed in 2018 as KE8LCG at the age of 12. He very quickly moved through the exams and earned his extra in 2019 as N8JLM. After receiving his extra class license, he obtained the vanity callsign of W8UA. If you couldn’t guess by his callsign, Javan has a passion for CW, and copies at around 50 wpm.

Javan excels in about everything ham radio he lays his hands on, including antenna modeling. His QTH is antenna restricted and his day to day operations happen from his attic antenna farm. He has won several contest awards operating CW, including the award pictured on the right.

About the Software

MMANA antenna modeling software is an antenna analyzing tool, used to design antennas. This allows you to build the antenna “on paper”, tweak the design, and reduce the time in actually building and tuning the antenna. With proper modeling, you can build the antenna with almost no time spent cutting and retuning the antenna. Another useful feature of the software is being able to see the antennas radiation patterns.

Example radiation pattern generated by MMANA

Be sure to join us on Thursday February 10th for Javan W8UA antenna modeling presentation. The meeting will be in person at the Wayne County Public Library main branch. We will also be on Zoom and YouTube. More meeting information can be found here.

Software Download Page

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