Wayne Amateur Radio Club

Supporting Hams in Wayne County, OH

FlightAware Presentation

Bill Knauf, KN8WDK, will be giving a presentation on FlightAware at the Wayne Amateur Radio Club January 12th, 2023 monthly meeting. Bill spent many years...
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Ohio VHF Simplex Contest

The Ohio VHF simplex contest is a six-hour contest to inspire amateurs around Ohio to operate FM simplex to simulate repeater-less emergency communications. The contest...
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Fox Hunt

S.A.R.A. (Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association) has invited all WARC members (and friends) to participate in their fall fox hunt on October 29th. Fox hunts are...
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Fair Skywatch Tower

Here is a great article in the Wooster Weekly News by Dan Starcher about the fair Skywatch tower. Thank you to all of the Wayne...
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Classifieds Section

Classified ad listings are now available on the WARC website. This is available for members of the club and family members of silent keys. To...
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