147.21 Moved to New Location

The W8WOO 147.21 MHz repeater has been moved to its new location!

Wayne Co. will be retiring the tower at the Comm Center located at the corner of Oldman and Burbank where that repeater has been hosted for a number of years. Wayne Co. has offered WARC space on a different tower just outside the city. On November 5th, the 2m repeater was “moved” to the new location. The quotes around moved are important because this was not simply a move to a new tower. This “move” also included the deployment of a Motorola MTR2000 repeater replacing the Yaesu DR-1X. MTR2000 is a full-duty 100W 2m repeater system. Additionally, the new system is on a commercial four-bay VHF antenna with a gain of 8 dBd. The radiated power past the duplexer is just a hair under 80W which means the theoretical effective radiated power (ERP) of the new system is a whopping 443W!

Unfortunately, there was one equipment casualty during the move – the cellular router that provided Allstar/Echolink connectivity. This unit will be replaced in the coming days and the Allstar and Echolink functions will be back online as well. Below is a picture of the new repeater and an updated coverage map.

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