New Repeater On 147.210

The 147.210MHz repeater was recently replaced with a brand-new, commercial grade, Kenwood NXR1700. A big thank you to all club members and all of the donors that made it possible to improve our repeater system. It would not be possible without all of you. Within the last year we have installed a new Crescend 100 watt amplifier, checked and re-tuned duplexers, replaced all coax going from repeater to hardline antenna feed, and now replaced the repeater itself. This repeater replacement was brought on from discovering that the DR1X had terrible selectivity when running more than about 20 watts of transmitter power. This crippled the receiver of the repeater and made it next to impossible for a weaker signal to use the repeater.

NXR1700 Specs

Below are the specs of the new repeater for the curious minds. What does this all mean in comparison to our old repeater? Basically, being a new commercial grade repeater, you should notice better audio, a cleaner signal, and far better receive. If you struggled to get in to 147.210 before, try again, you should notice a big improvement. Current reports from users have seen a lot of improvement with receive. Let us know your experience compared to the old repeater. More information on the club repeater can be found on the repeater page.

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